Discover gems in your dream world!

Remember your dreams and learn various ways to collect them.

The course will include breathwork and practices that support you to remember and collect your dream library. There will be a focus on the main scenes of your dream world. It doesn’t matter if you dream often, remember all of your dreams, if they are short or long. You can revisit a dream from long ago. If it’s in your memory, it tends to still have meaning for your life. This course is best suitable after completing the Mulit-Dimensional Perception Course.

Course start October 3, 2023
2 hours per week
10 modules in 10 weeks

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See detailed modules below.

About the instructor

Xian has been interpreting dreams since 1984. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology with the fortune to have studied with Jeremy Taylor and Dr. Stanley Krippner. Xian is seen as a mystic and utilizes dream time to meditate, study and be of service. She has been presenting at International and Regional Dream Conferences.

Want to start out slow?

Join my monthly dream group.

Explore your dream world through expressive art, movement, re-dreaming or mere writing techniques.

Contact Dr. Xian if you would like to join.

Visit the next International Dream Conference June 2024 Netherlands.
Xian will lead a daily morning dream group. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity.

Free Conversation

Have a free conversation with Dr. Xian about the course and if it’s a fit for you.

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Course Content

Module 1 Introduction

Understanding the history of dream research, dream story and how to remember your own dreams.

Module 2 Recalling Your Dreams

Journaling or recording dreams. How to wake up at night in order to remember.

Module 3 Intention Setting

You are the dreamer and you are one setting the intention when and what types of dreams to remember.

Module 4 Alternative Ways of Dream Collection

Too lazy to write down all details of your dreams every night? Learn alternative ways of sketching your dreams in art, poetry or short movement videos.

Module 5 Half-way check in

Time to re-dream some of your dreams and see if they can shape-shift through going back into the dream. Learn deep relaxation techniques to go into delta brain waves.

Module 6 Delta Brain Waves

Deep relaxation techniques continued. Learn breathing techniques to clear your mind before sleep time.

Module 7 More breathing techniques

Let’s repeat the rapid breathing. And add gentle nostril breathing to bridge the two brain halves.

Module 8 Interpret Your Dreams

You are the dreamer. You know your life the best. So you are the dream expert. Don’t let anyone tell you how to learn from your dream. Redefining dream interpretation and symbolism. The difference between receiving questions and support and following an outside source.

Module 9 Dream Visitations

How angels can support our dream world and help us navigate our lives. Ask before falling asleep.

Module 10 Summary and Moving On

How to continue your dream process.


Course start October 3, 2023. We meet Tuesdays noon – 2pm PST for 10 weeks. Last class is Tuesday December 5, 2023


Investment $1200

10 weeks in a small group. We meet one hour per week via zoom.

If you like to receive the training one-on-one or together with a friend, please contact Dr. Xian.

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Terms and Conditions

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