This course spans the following meditation approaches

  • Sitting meditation with mental focus
  • Sitting meditation feeling/sensing and compassion
  • Movement meditation

You will learn which personality type is supported by which type of meditation technique. There will be daily practices for you to experiment with the effects of the various approaches. We will expand on the importance of emotional clearing going hand in hand to support stilling the mind.

Additional tools

  • Being in nature
  • Music
  • Yoga

This course is designed to discuss session scenarios adding to your expertise with clients.

My first exposure to meditation was in 1990. Since, I have been exploring the depth of stillness and my soul essence in daily practice. With blessings, I got chosen to study in a traditional Gurukulam at the feet (home) of a Swami in India for several years. I got trained in various mystic approaches to meditation practices and their philosophies. Additionally, my life’s path has been transformation through dance since 1980. I received certification by Gabrielle Roth in 5Rhythms. My path continued with immense soul transformation and developing my unique approach to transformation and states of transcendence, culminating in doctoral research.