Find New Ways to Practice Devotional Hatha Yoga

Embark on a journey towards lightbody. It’s your time to embody your highest self and shine your light sharing your gifts with the world. It’s also a great way to master anti-aging utilising movement, breath, sacred geometry, sound and color visualisations for circulating prana.

This yoga practice is for you

  • You already are a yoga teacher and are looking for more
  • You want to deepen the meditative part of yoga
  • You are curious about yoga being more than exercise

Embodied Transcendence

Empowering Women to Live their Full Vibrancy

Change Within and Your World Around You Will Change!

Learn the key factors to a joyful life

  • Appreciation
  • Attention
  • Being present in your heart

Personalized yoga guidance

Be supported in receiving a uniquely designed meditation for your lifestyle. 1-minute stress-management to monastic dedication and everything in between.

My background of having worked in the corporate world and having lived and taught in monastic settings can support any stress level and busy schedule. And meditation does not require sitting. It’s about a one-pointed mind including in action.

Inquire into personalized meditation guidance

  • 1-hour
  • 1-day Personal Intensive (in-person or phone/video)
  • 3-day mini retreat (in-person or receive guidance and support creating your own retreat)
  • 1-year bi-weekly support in your personal yoga practice.
  • Combination with transformational life coaching to create an at-home or in-office wellness plan
  • Combination with lightwork to support the energy lines in your system shining with light.
  • Mentorship program: You are a yoga teacher would like guidance on your teaching path.

Yoga is the union of body (matter) and soul (light)

“Yoga consists of the actual methods for rising above our narrow identification with the mortal body and restless mind and identifying ourselves with the calm immortal soul.

The soul is absolutely perfect, but when identified with the body as ego, its expression becomes distorted by human imperfections….Yoga teaches us to know the divine nature in ourselves and others. Through yoga and meditation we can know that we are gods.” Yogananda