Be Coached in Personal Wellbeing

Wellbeing Coaching with Crystalline Lightwork

  • Stress Management
  • Integrate Extraordinary Experiences
  • Healing from Trauma

Incorporated Tools:
Yoga, Meditation, Expressive Art, Dance, Nature, Dream Study, Breathwork, Pleiadian Lightwork

Spiritual Emergence?
Wanting more from life than Social Norm?
Sexual Trauma?
Sports Injuries Hopelessness?

Contact me to support your unique healing and empowerment path!

Xian Prem, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Psychology with an emphasis on the transpersonal. Her life long study and exploration in personal transformation through dance, dreams, art, yoga and meditation have led her to various certifications. She has been presenting at international conferences, been teaching and mentoring since over twenty years in Europe, India and the USA. She enjoys supporting peers and uplifting clients into becoming healers themselves.

Mentoring for Life Coaches, Healing Practitioners, and Women Entrepreneurs

Learn the keys to being present with intuition

Establish a fulfilling work life embodying your soul calling

Practice meditation tools that get you back to focus in minutes

Upcoming Trainings

Embodied Transcendence

Empowering Women to Live their Full Vibrancy

Change Within and Your World Around You Will Change!

Learn the key factors to a joyful life

  • Appreciation
  • Attention
  • Being present in your heart

Find New Ways to Practice Hatha Yoga

Embark on a journey towards lightbody. It’s your time to embody your highest self and shine your light sharing your gifts with the world. It’s also a great way to master anti-aging utilising movement, breath, sound and color visualisations.

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