Transformational Development Model towards Embodied Transcendence

CFIT® offers a pathway into transcendence as well as ways to stabilize and ground such into the body. The CFIT® Model was developed and taken into case studies by the founder Dr. Xian Prem.

The CFIT® Psychology model is a pathway through an embodied meditation practice leading into a state of meditation from which to lead your life and others. The teachings became clear to me in meditation while being in India. I have since explored them through case studies, research and my personal practice. My background is based on Executive Leadership Training, ancient Himalayan Meditation Practices, Breathwork, Dream Study, and Expressive Arts through Movement.

Take Leadership of Your Life by Living from Your Essence, Living the Life You C FIT.

CFIT® is a pathway through fields of consciousness linked to ancient East-Asian wisdom teachings based on Samkhya Philosophy and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

  1. Seed: Ground – Body and Earth –  Embodiment of your authentic self, moving through society while keeping your ground > Prerequisite: Authenticity
  2. Seed: Clarity – Psychology – Finding Clarity of who you are and what you stand for, moving while keeping your length > Prerequisite: Focus
  3. Seed: Center – Meditation Witness – Centering between Source and Earth, staying centered in the midst of chaos around you, staying centered in the midst of chaos within you > Prerequisite: Dignity
  4. Seed: Connection – Love as Agape – Connecting to your own heart and from there connecting with others, moving with width, creating community > Prerequisite: Intention
  5. Seed: Essence– Soul (Atma) – Resting in your soul essence and expressing your mission, knowing-ness from within, no thinking needed, moving with depth, breath and movement merge, expressing yourself through voice > Prerequisite: Love
  6. Seed: Synchronicity – Energy – Finding intuition and sensing the field around you, being tuned into the web of the mystery, trusting and following your inner guidance, allowing synchronicity > Prerequisite: Prayer
  7. Seed: Being – Source (Brahma) – Beyond explanation. A place of deep stillness within and the Source of all creation. Lived Meditation. Trusting the connection to a Higher Force. > Prerequisite: Humility

I see the 7 seeds as geometric fields, like orbits within orbits, aligning all of them (ideally).

1 > 7 is a pathway into transcendence (Ascension)
7 > 1 is a pathway back into the body, turning the body into light, while being fully awake (Conscious Desencion)

The purpose is to connect you to your own inner guidance and wisdom.CFIT® are teachings to take you into states of unconditional love towards yourself.

This is how the model of CFIT® Psychology relates to my offered programs.

  • Ground: Love your embodiment on Earth with hatha yoga and dance.
  • Clarity: Peace of Mind transforming your psychology through Personal Transformational Coaching, Expressive Arts and Dream Study.
  • Center: Enhance Your Presence with Meditation
  • Connection: Building intimacy of the Heart with Self, Others, and the Cosmos. Forgiveness, Gratitude, Compassion.
  • Essence: Touch Your Soul using Voice.
  • Synchronicity: Perception and Energetics.
  • Being: Becoming Light / Lightbody

Dr. Xian facilitates personal coaching sessions and group events to embody Embodied Transcendence in daily life. Contact us to find out how you can profit.

Transcendence of the manifest world can only be tapped into and not taught. Seed 7 is permeating all of the rhythms. You are light. Stay tuned for my upcoming silent retreats.

The following process builds the core of the movement approach to CFIT®.

  1. Grounding into my body and becoming aware of how I feel in it.
  2. Clearing my mind-field and finding clarity about who I am, what I stand for, and for taking actions in my life.
  3. Centering myself within my body and within existence.
  4. Connecting to myself on the deepest level possible, feeling into my heart, and opening up to connection with others and the universe at large.
  5. Tuning into my soul and resting in my essence. Finding my voice and personal expression.
  6. Sensing the invisible synchronistic energy field between all people in the room, and in life, and my role in it.
  7. Becoming one with Source and being moved by life-force energy called shakti or kundalini Deep inner stillness settles me into being.

Be vibrant – Be authentic – Be free