Working with Dr. Xian

What is coaching and lightwork all about

The aim is spiritual “immortality; enlightenment; self-realization; being one with the cosmos, embodying ultimate reality; living form of lightbody”, to “physical longevity” involving methods such as light frequency alchemy, breath meditation, sitting meditation, somatic awareness, creative expression, dance, and transformational coaching for action steps.

Very practically, this includes you becoming you and living the embodiment on Earth that your soul calls for. This is a down to Earth process while working with higher frequencies.

Transformational Coaching: You have all the answers within you. Dr. Xian asked you the questions to uncover your own wisdom. This may include creative expression or meditation processes.

Spiritual Guidance: You are already on a path and I guide you to integrate and embody your practices. I may teach you practices on request.

Spiritual Mentoring: You are ready to thrive and guide others, expanding your practitioner skills. Also valid for therapists to include non-traditional tools like poetry or somatic awareness to break through limits.

Lightwork: Higher frequency remote or in-person transmissions to activate your subtle energy channels. Mentoring possible to become a healer.

See more under Self-Care or ask for a free conversation.

What does a Transformational Soul Essence Coaching session look like

We start out with a conversation about what matters to you in your life and your present commitments or challenges. I will guide you to your own answers from within through a variety of questions. We will look at the overall arch of your session goal within each session and over the time period we work together.

If you would like I will support you to identify socially created tendencies that no longer serve you and your community and suggest practices that will enable you to build new strength, standing up for what matters to you, a positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle. A session may include additional modalities.

Soul Essence Coaching sessions are inquiry-based. They are meant for you to find your own truth from within. Whereas lightwork sessions are intuitive readings and clearing in your energy system. These include spiritual guidance.

The session will complete with a conversation about insights, action steps and affirmations for the manifestation of your dreams.

Suggested practices may include guidance for meditation, somatic awareness practices and/or movement that support you to identify the cues of your body and find more ease and relaxation.

24-hour cancellation policy. Full payment is required if a session is missed or canceled within less than 24 hours before the appointment.

What does a Pleiadian Crystalline Lightwork session look like

Crystalline Lightwork sessions are offered remotely, via video call or phone and in person depending on the desired outcome. Please inquire with Dr. Xian about the most effective session type for you. You may encounter different types of crystalline lightwork sessions over time.

Crystalline Lightwork sessions extend beyond the set time with you. You may experience shifts in your system prior to the session time to prepare your opening as well as support for days/nights after the session time to support your personal integration.

To clear energies and raise your frequency remote sessions are most suitable as your active brain will be at rest. These may be blended with coaching calls to adjust your life situation according to the guidance received. The goal is a higher vibrancy and inner peace while being grounded in your day-to-day life.


When we have contracted to work together it is very similar to what you would do if you called to make an appointment or went to a counselor of some kind and agreed to have a procedure or a session from them. Although I do Sessions in person and hands-on where we are together physically in the same place and time, the majority of my sessions are done remotely / long distance while the person I am working with is sleeping, resting or meditating during an agreed-upon time period. Over the past decade this has proved to be an extremely effective time proven methodology in delivering very effective clearings, openings, activations, infusions and alignments that directly translate into one’s emotional, physical and spiritual life experience.

During a long-distance session we work together as if we were actually next to each other yet have more freedom and allowance for the extraordinary and non-ordinary to take place. We are also able to work with an invite various very high powerful non-physical beings and energies to assist us in the Session. You could think of it as if we are meeting together in a dream space, working together in the various procedures that we have agreed upon and that has direct effects that are tangible and discernible after the session. You are always participating and agreeing on what is being done or declining what might be offered. Nothing is ever done that happens without your agreement on multiple levels and that is not in the highest and best interests of all involved.

Of course this is etheric energy work and depending upon a person’s sensitivity to what has transpired there may be instantaneous awareness of shifts and changes or the shifts and changes become apparent over time by looking back on how one was before the session and how one is currently in the interplay of the many aspects of life one participates in. This can be evidenced in relationships, profession, physical health, how one feels and can be seen sometimes more easily by others than oneself and their reflection can be very helpful in noticing shifts and changes from what was to what is currently.


Once we contract for a session the energetic doors open up and your Higher-Self, my Higher-Self and all those divine beings that work with us are invited to begin setting the stage, like on a play involving a multitude of characters and situations, for the most effective way to achieve the goals of our Session together. So, it is usual and natural that even though using the analogy of the telephone conversation we are connected very specifically during a set time period where some very specific procedures are given and received, there is even more “time” shared where other actual work is being done and often felt.

Some of this other preparatory work can be likened to contacting and inviting the best actors to be in the play, building the stage for the play, making sure everything is ready for the opening act to take place gracefully and completely. In the same way after the last act in the play has concluded there is a multitude of things that take place post-production. This is where work is still being done even though the play is officially over. The main actors in the play may rest, go out and celebrate, begin to choose what will be next and how to proceed forward. All this might be “felt” depending on ones sensitivity and many other factors long after the actual on the stage time of the presentation of the play.

I also am intimately involved in the pre and post-production of the session or the play as we are likening it to in this description of what takes place during and around a session. Even though a particular time period is taken and utilized between us where that actual specific components of the session take place I am often involved and my time and energies are used completing our contract together. So, a session that may seem to take an hour to perform may actually take many more hours to fully complete and my time and energy is used during all the phases of a session we have contracted for. This is one reason why I offer a limited amount of sessions as all the components of offering a session take way more time and energy than most people realize and possibly appreciate.

I take what I do very seriously and I am committed to delivering everything I possibly can in the highest way possible. I strive to make every Session better than the previous one. My life is a continual movement and inquiry into how to do what I do better and more competently. My life is a movement in an unceasing creative expansion where I am continuously learning and integrating new skills, abilities and capacities that will directly translate into enhancing the Sessions that I offer, revealing new sessions and ways to assist others in their own personal growth and enhancement. It is extremely fulfilling to me bringing forth new and useful tools, techniques, skills and abilities to be shared and seeing how what I offer enhances and changes peoples lives in positive life enhancing ways.


Once we make a contract for our appointment together you could think of it as me calling you on the telephone. We then have a conversation that may turn into a conference call as we invite other assistance and help from other non-physical experts that will assist us in the procedures we will be doing together. It is not unusual for more sensitive people to wake up and feel the initial connection and then to relax as the session progresses and usually what is remembered is knowingness that something very significant has occurred. Some people remember some very amazing what could be called dreams and even understandings that are new and surprising to them. Some people feel better than they ever have in a long time and even ever before and others feel like they have just run a marathon and need to simply rest, sleep and regenerate. Most people fall somewhere in the middle rather than on either extreme.


After the Session I usually give written feedback that can be more general to specific depending on the Session. Very often there is little specific feedback as the places and energies that are worked with have little counterparts in our physical day-to-day world and I am just barely able to put into specific words what has transpired.

It is not uncommon for different people to “feel” and receive our energetic connection in a multitude of ways and even at times different than the time I am conducting the session with them. A person may feel work being done on them days before the Session, just before the Session, during the Session and after the Session or a combination of all of those times with different intensities, feelings and effects. Just like when you think of someone there is an energetic connection formed between the two of you. When you call them on the phone it has more physical characteristics than the purely energetic connection.

What does Lightbody mean

I use the term “lightbody” generically, to refer to our subtle and non-physical energy bodies. This includes the etheric energy body, as well as our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Just like the physical body, the lightbodies can be in a state of disharmony, which can result in what we call dis-ease or physically manifested diseases. I am able to work on these etheric levels to clear and move energy, which in turn opens us to an alignment of our energy and allows for greater well being.

The Lightbody is the etheric double or twin of the physical body. It is not made up of the heavy densified matter that our physical body is. This less-dense, etheric energy body is about one quarter inch outside the physical body. The Lightbody also exists within the denser physical body occupying what appears to be the same space but really is of a different vibration and frequency so it can exist in the same place and could be called the etheric blueprints from which matter is densified into physicality. Without this blueprint, and life force generated from it to us, our physical body would dematerialize and we could not exist on earth in the physical form that we do now.

Mentorship into being a Lightworker

You are called to embody unconditional love and anchor light for others?

This is a dedicated path. I am happy to support you in this endeavor. It entails to die to who you think you are. This is not an ego trip. This is a dissolution of your identified self into ever more love and light. You embark on a journey.

  • Clearing your chakras
  • Enhancing your kundalini flow
  • Dying to any ideas of your personified self
  • Learning skills on how to set space
  • Practicing to be present with a client
  • Clearing space

…and many more tools as required for your background and readiness.

Personal Intensive

This is one day of full attention with Dr. Xian. You will set your goals for the day, receive individualized coaching, time for reflection and create an accountability map. Movement, hands-on, creative expression or meditation may be part of the process. You may also bring a dream to work on.