Sexualizing Women

Watch these three videos and ask yourself how it affects you, your view of yourself as a woman, where your eyes go and your perspective of sexuality. All videos are from the lingerie company intimissimi, The first one is with a famous model done in 2018. The second one is a personal portrait from one of their models in 2015. The third one is a fashion show in 2013.

But then look at these two more recent videos from the same company. One is a fashion show from 2019, the other one an ad from 2021. What is different in how the women are presenting themselves? More so look at the camera angles and where your eyes are directed to.

I am wondering what changed culturally between 2018, the video with Jessica Parker and the 2019 fashion show? What changed in society. These videos are from Europe.

Here is what I am seeing in the videos:

Sexualizing women instead of showing empowered women

Illuminating (cutting) body parts instead of the whole person

Here are a few questions:
How are these videos affecting you as a women / as a man?
How are such videos affecting you in your gender?
How are presentations like these affecting your sexuality?
Do you feel a social pressure in your dress code, behavior or relationship style?

These are just examples. All these videos are from the same company. There are many more companies and videos that are affecting our psyche and therewith our lives.

And remember most videos today contain special editing and effects and don’t show the original natural person anymore.

How can keep our sovereignty for ourselves, our sexuality, our relationships and for our children!

This post got inspired by Paul Richards, Sente Center Inc.