A training based on Pleiadian Lightwork

Learn Tools to Embody Your Higher Self!

Transformational Program and Practitioner Training

Multi-Dimensional Perception (MDP) is based on Amorah Quan Yin’s FSP training. It is a program for accelerating your spiritual growth and fulfillment. It is open to everyone who seeks to live in alignment with their Higher Self and to be in the consciousness of Oneness. MDP is the beginning program for everyone wanting to align with spirit and learn how to set and clear space.

There are three levels to the courses, each of which can vary from 10 to 12 weeks in total length (depending on the number and preparation of participants). You can enroll for each level one-at-a-time and progress at your own pace or do them in sequence within one year. (Level 1 & 2 are prerequisites to the Pleiadian Lightwork Intensive trainings.)

In MDP classes you learn to open your multi-dimensional perceptions of clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, and channeling healing energy. It is a path toward wholeness, Oneness, and becoming consciously responsible for aligning with spirit and maintaining a connection with Source. In MDP you learn self-help tools for releasing ego-identity and clearing what holds you back on your path towards Oneness. Class sessions include group meditations, spiritual teachings, and supervised healing work conducted in pairs.

Private 1:1 sessions are highly recommended to accompany the training. For those wanting to be certified, a 10-hour supervision program on “real” clients is mandatory.

MDP is for those seeking deep personal healing and clearing. It can be an experience that redirects your life toward your spiritual fulfillment and living in integrity. It is also for those interested in learning the healing skills needed in order to be a healing practitioner or teacher.

Course start July 2023
5 hours per week
10 modules in 10 weeks

See detailed modules below.

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About the instructor

Xian got certified as a practitioner in Pleiadian Lightwork in 2010 and authorised as a teacher in 2015. She has been a yoga instructor and mentor since 2002, teaching students and teachers in training internationally. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology with research in exceptional states of consciousness. She resides on Kauai, HI.

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Course Content

Module 1 Diving In

Aura Clearing and Protection

Going in and out of trance & setting space

Module 2 Meeting Your Higher Self

Connecting with your higher self

Module 3 Kundalini Channel

Kundalini Channel Clearing

Accessing Akashic Records

Module 4 Chambers of Light

Using Chambers of Light to heal

Module 5 Reading and Clearing Skills

Clearing Cords, Implants & Energy Blocks

Module 6 Chakras

Reading and healing the 7 main Chakras

Module 7 Chakras Cont.

Reading and healing the 7 main Chakras

Supervised practice on each other

Module 8 Changing Habits

Deprogramming process for changing habits

Reprogramming into new healthy habits

Module 9 Soul Healing

Soul Fragment Retrieval

Soul Matrix Clearing and Healing

Module 10 Inner Child Nurturing and Summing Up

Inner Child Nurturing

Summing Up

How to move forward from here


Course start July 2023.

We meet on weekends, 2.5 hours on Saturday and 2.5 hours on Sundays.


Investment $2800

10 weeks in a small group. We meet via zoom.

Private 1:1 sessions available remotely and via zoom for $150/hour or in-person for $175/hour.
Chakra clearing remote sessions: Package of six sessions for six chakras in six nights $900.

If you like to receive the training one-on-one or together with a friend, please contact Dr. Xian.

Code of Ethics

Please view our code of ethics for practitioners.

Terms and Conditions

Please view our terms and conditions for course registration.

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