Personalized meditation guidance

Be supported in receiving a uniquely designed meditation for your lifestyle. 2-minute meeting preparation, 1-minute stress-management to monastic dedication and everything in between.

My background of having worked in the corporate world and having lived and taught in monastic settings can support any stress level and busy schedule. And meditation does not require sitting. It’s about a one-pointed mind including in action.

Inquire into personalized meditation guidance

  • 1-hour
  • 1-day Personal Intensive (in-person or phone/video)
  • 3-day mini retreat (in-person or receive guidance and support creating your own retreat)
  • 1-year personalized bi-weekly support to create your lifelong meditation practice.
  • Combination with transformational life coaching to transform life’s struggles, find clarity in decision and move forward with accountability support.
  • Mentorship program: You are a yoga teacher or life coach and would like guidance in sharing meditation with your participants / clients.