What the…

Wondering if guys have ever been curious what it means or how a woman feels when she is menstruating or in modern terms, being on her moon.

  1. Her is my thumb of rules…
  2. Best to leave me alone.
  3. Don’t approach me or try talking to me.
  4. There is so much going on in my body, I have enough on my plate just being with that.
  5. I am close to the veil, easily drifting into meditation.
  6. My emotions are running wild, ready to be cleansed. – Anything stored is up for a release. So better to step out of the way. >>> Consciously done, this is a blessing. Women turn your favorite music on and release all by yourself!

I call this monthly cycle my personal retreat time. It’s a little washing and tumbling on all levels. just like when booking a workshop. Just that it’s for free, month and month again. So best to block your calendar, the way you would for a paid retreat. And spend the time the way YOU want to spend it.