Enhance your personal skills

  • Be centered
  • Trust your intuition
  • Listen with presence

Become a channel of spirit on Earth!
Embrace your power!

This coaching session is for you

  • You are a powerful person and like to work on your embodiment.
  • You have wisdom to share and like to refine your self-esteem in sharing your voice.
  • You are a life coach or holistic practitioner and would like to learn additional tools.
  • You are a Mom and would like to embody modeling sovereignty to your children, not to speak of multi-tasking, meditating while in action, being a loving presence while being firm. . . (Your children are your mirror. Change your self and your children’s behavior will change!)

Inquire into

  • 1-hour sessions (also as ongoing support)
  • 1-day Personal Intensive
  • Mentorship program for life coaches

A coaching session may include

  • Meditation techniques
  • Somatic awareness
  • Movement / Mystic Dance
  • Creative Expression

What a private session looks like

We start out with a conversation about what is important to you. We will look for resilience as well as for conditioned tendencies in your system.

The session might include using art, poetry, dance, meditation or dreamwork. Your body will be included in your field of awareness as you are ready for it.

There will be time to feel and express yourself.

The session will complete with a conversation about your insights, action steps, and affirmations for your wellbeing.

Session details

A phone/video session lasts 60 minutes. If you prefer longer sessions please inquire with Dr. Xian. It is often useful to book a series of sessions in a long-term commitment. Each session might have a different emphasis while focusing on the desired transformation of the overall arch.

You may receive coaching as part of a Personal Intensive. This is a 5-hour commitment in one day. Several days can be booked. Personal Intensives are a powerful way to create change in life patterns. Ask me for an individual package.

24-hour cancellation policy: Full payment is required if a session is missed or canceled within less than 24 hours before the appointment.


“I have done a variety of practices over the past 20 years, and have just experienced an amazing and profound energetic flow with Dr. Xian’s work. Dr. Xian is really on to something awesome.”
Lisa, Mt. Shasta, CA