C Fit™ Psychology

This page is dedicated to the little angels who will heal our planet, and all those parents, educators, and scholars who serve them.

Out of my own journey of little and big traumatic events in my life and how I have transformed my inner landscape into a transpersonal perspective and embodied transcendence, I have developed CFIT™ Psychology. Further, I have related this model to East-West Psychology and taken it into case studies. My doctoral research then culminated in interviewing world leaders of how the final state of being, in embodied transcendence, can be integrated into a sustained state of existence.

As our little angels, the new generation of crystalline light beings, is being born in full embodied transcendence, my heart likes to share my immense toolbox with those that help their upbringing to sustain their natural state. Further, I am guided to share tools that the young generations can utilize to heal our planet.

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