Meeting Your Higher Self

July 9, 2023

When we think of our Higher Self, we often think of a wiser version of us. In my experience it’s more like a luminous geometry of light that holds consciousness.

In this intensive we will practice meeting our luminous self. We will ask for guidance for our lives. And if you feel ready, you can allow this light that is you to merge with your body.

Ultimately, you will become that luminous self, shining your light into your human existence.

About the instructor

Xian has been certified in Pleiadian Lightwork since 2013. She supports clients in transformational life changes and certifies practitioners. Xian also holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, numerous certifications in Yoga, Meditation, Somatic and Transformational Coaching and 5Rhythms Movement. She has been mentoring and teaching internationally since over 20 years. Xian resides on Kauai, HI.

Free Conversation

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What You will Discover

In this Intensive you will

  • Find ways how to meet and communicate with your Higher Self
  • Learn techniques to continue the practice at home
  • Discover in which ways you are your higher Self


Investment $120

July 9, 2023
1pm to 5pm PDT

If you like to receive the training one-on-one or together with a friend, please contact Dr. Xian.

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