Dreams are gifts to change your life!

7-Module Course

Focusing on the energetics of dreams and the interpretation through expressive art modalities.

Expand your toolbox to interpret dreams and support your clients.

Dr. Xian has been interpreting dreams since 1984. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, had the fortune to study with Dr. Stanley Krippner and was fortunate to be granted insights into Mysticism.

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Module 1 You are the dreamer

Approaching the dream from your subconscious

Module 2 Types of Dreams

Dreams may arise from your subconscious or they may be send gifts from a mystic world. Learn to identify the difference.

Module 3 Collaborative Interpretation

Experiment with group interpretations to your dream, while having the choice to take it on or let if go.

Module 4 The Energetics of Dreams

Paying attention to the cycle in a dream. Pinpointing the waves.

Module 5 Song, Dance and Poetry

Play with sound, movement and words to find new approaches to your dream world.

Module 6 Dreams in Expressive Art

Experience how expressive art can shape shift your dream and transform your life.

Module 7 Healing the Earth through Dreams

Collective dreaming for healing the Earth and planetary issues.


Investment $ 1200

If you like to receive the training one-on-one or together with a friend, you would receive more individual attention and we can shorten the training arranged to your calendar.

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