Pleiadian Lightwork and much more…

Transform deeply within

  • Raise your personal vibration
  • Understand being of service in a new way
  • Make peace with your past

Crystalline Lightwork is a unique form of high frequency light transmission, sacred geometry repair, and psychic surgery.

Special Offer Chakra Clearing

6 hours of chakra clearing to allow your chakras to vibrate in alignment with nature.

Crystalline Lightwork is for you

  • You feel called
  • You are ready to embark a unique journey of transformation
  • You want to break free from social pressure

Ask for hands-on sessions to open channels and the pineal gland, clear patterns, and raise your frequency.

You may be linked to other planetary systems.

  • 1-hour session
  • 1-day Personal Intensive
  • 3-day mini retreat for personal rejuvenation
  • Mentorship program to support your personal journey as a healer
  • Certification program in perception skills. Learn more…

Crystalline Lightwork may include

  • Frequency transmissions of light
  • Channel opening
  • Karmic clearing

Activations & DNA Programming
KA Channels, Blueprint, Soul Matrix, Pineal Gland, Original 8 cells, Organ cells

Reprogramming of habits and patterns, clearing of original 8 cells going back to conception, organ cellular clearing for health benefits, soul matrix repairs and soul fractal retrieving, pineal gland activation, KA channel activation blue print repairs

Angels & Ascended Masters
Angel and Ascended Masters linking and message translation

Angel and Ascended Masters linking and message translation for trusting your own inner guidance, aura clearing, Higher Self connection, sacred site visits of Mount Shasta and Kauai, HI.

Extraordinary, Mysterious, Unexplained Supernatural
Integration guidance and practices for Extraordinary, Mysterious, Unexplained Supernatural and Self-Transcendent Experiences

Offering you a witness to understand and sort through imagined versus real experiences in the celestial and astral realms. Receive guided meditation practices and grounded life advice on how to integrate these experiences, while continuing your social and family life commitments.

Extraterrestrials and Star Family
Walk-in integration, star family linking, extraterrestrial alignment

Understanding extraterrestrial experiences, handling home sickness, linking with your star family, and support in accepting the importance of grounding on Earth. Walk-in integration.

Hypnosis, Regression
Yoga Nidra, hypnosis for inner guidance, past life recollection

Guided practices into yoga nidra and hypnosis for stress reduction, deep relaxation and accessing inner guidance. Past life recollection to learn for present life actions.

Spiritual Practices
Meditation, Yoga, Conscious Dance, Dream Study, Spiritual Guidance

Receive personalized guidance for suitable meditation and/or movement practices for your situation. Understand your dreams to receive insights for your life. Spiritual Guidance for your personal and professional life. Healers Certification Training.

Akashic Records, Oracle Reading, Tarot
Akashic Records, Tarot Card creation guidance

Receive guidance in creating your own tarot cards. Receive messages or gifts from your akashic records.

Pleiadian and Sirian Channeling

Receive messages from the Pleiadian and/or Sirians. With their permission be linked directly to their star system and be guided by them from within.

Healing, Integration Services

Psychic surgery, distant healing, karma clearing, walk-in integration, mystic experiences integration

Receive distant healing remotely while you are asleep. Or choose to combine healing with a video call for practical life guidance. Integrate mystical experiences. Receive karmic clearing.

Hybrids, Hybridization Programs
Combine lightwork with wellbeing coaching

Change your life through energetic changes in your energy body while receiving practical life guidance with an accountability plan. Suitable for your private and professional life.

Heal from surgery or traumatic events combining lightwork with yoga/qi gong/dance movements and meditation.

What a private session looks like

We start out with a conversation about your intention for the session.

The session will be based on Dr. Xian reading your energy and possible causes of disease for the sake of clearing. We will be in conversation about what matters to you, your insights and what rings true to you. You will have the possibility to give permission for every step on the way.

The session will complete with a conversation about your insights, practices as thome, and affirmations for your intentions.

Session details

A phone/video session lasts one hour. If you prefer longer sessions please inquire with Dr. Xian. It is often useful to book a series of sessions in a long-term commitment. Each session might have a different emphasis while focusing on the desired transformation of the overall arch.

Remote sessions while you are sleeping are available and an easier way to integrate the light transmissions.

You may receive crystalline lightwork as part of a Personal Intensive. This is a 5-hour commitment in one day. Several days can be booked. Personal Intensives are a powerful way to create change in life patterns. Ask me for an individual package.

24-hour cancellation policy: Full payment is required if a session is missed or canceled within less than 24 hours before the appointment.

Ask for hands-on sessions to open channels and the pineal gland, clear patterns, and raise your frequency. You may be linked to other planetary systems.

Looking for mentoring to become a healer? Have a personal conversation to create an individual package.


“My experience with Dr. Xian Prem was life-changing, and I’ve seen many healers over a 20-year period. She had high degree of skill in advanced technologies that is beyond anything I’d ever experienced… And perhaps what was most touching and effective was her purity of spirit and high degree of integrity in her work. I highly recommend her to anyone who has the opportunity for a session and/or training, and sent one of my clients to her.
Waves of Gratitude pour from my innermost heart to yours….Abundant Blessings!”

Activating Your Lightbody Circuitry – KA Channel opening available.

Looking for mentoring to become a healer? Have a personal conversation to create an individual package.

Check out the Multi-Dimensional Perception Practitioner Course

Deepen your soul alignment, enhance your perception and learn clearing skills. Level 1-3.