Being a Woman

This will be a series of blog posts about my seemingly strange yet  normal experience being a woman in a confused society about gender roles.

Just the other day, I had a conversation with my neighbor. He found people have gotten crazy at it has become more dangerous for him to cross the road. “Cars don’t stop anymore”, he said. I paused and thought for myself “Mmh.., they do for me.” So here we go. This is one of the advantages of being in a female body.

On another day though, I came across some lovely dogs, played with them and ended up in a nice conversation with their owner. It was a sunny day, the first one warm day this spring. Half an hour into this engaging conversation, he made comments about future meetings and receiving texts from me. Well, none of such was my intention and I politely got myself out of the situation. This would not have gotten personal if two guys had randomly met close to a hiking spot parking lot engaging in a conversation.

Just incidents that get me curious of how to navigate gender roles.